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Planning Ahead

Have a long term goal in mind?

Lets do the maths...

We know that 1lb of fat is 3500kcal roughly, so if we have a long term goal such as a holiday or wedding. We can work or weeks accordingly to make sure we have a sustainable fat loss and achieve our goal.

Figures based on no exercise.

Goal: beach holiday in 14 weeks (98 days)

weight loss: 21 lb (9.5kg)

calorie deficit: 21 lb x 3500 kcal = 73500 kcal

day by day deficit: 73500 kcal ÷ 98 days = 750 kcal

average male adult: 2500 kcal per day – 750 kcal = 1750 kcal to loose 1lb per week

average female adult: 2000 kcal per day – 750 kcal = 1250 kcal to loose 1lb per week

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