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Remote Coaching

  • Want to lose weight?

  • Want to get stronger?

  • Want to keep on track?

  • Training for a goal in mind?

  • Getting into running and need guidance?

  • Want to smash 2022 goals?

  • Cant get to the gym and don’t know what to do?

NO diets.

NO eating out of tupperware.

NO living miserable.

NO you don't have to be in the gym for hours a day.

1-1/2/3Personal Training

Personal training is, to state the obvious, personal. This means that every session is dedicated to you, always with your goals in mind. I can be part-coach, part-mentor, part-friend, and even part-drill instructor at times.


What I want from you.

  • Honesty with food and exercise.

  • Turn up on time and ready to train.

  • Work hard to the best of your ability.

  • inspire others.

How do I start training?

Pressure Point Massage

What is Sports Massage Therapy?


Sports Massage is the application of deep tissue massage techniques to alleviate tension and the lesions that build up in your muscles, ligaments and tendons through exercise, poor postures, overuse, or injury.

Sports massage and a relaxing massage that you might receive at a spa are rather different. They do share some technique crossover, such as effleurage and petrissage, but generally sports massage is different as it requires more pressure, thus giving a deeper and more intense Feeling. Practitioners also use different techniques such as trigger point release. This may make the treatment seem uncomfortable at the time, but is essential to breaking down scar tissue and increasing blood flow but is essential in facilitating healing by breaking down scar tissue and increasing the blood flow to the area.

Who benefits from Sports Massage?

Sports massage has such a huge range of benefits that it can be helpful for many people, whether they exercise or not, therefore any age, gender or sporting background can benefit from receiving one.

Sports Massage is also useful for maintenance, not just if you have pain or a specific problem. It is assumed that you go to the doctor and dentist for check-ups and maintenance so why not look after your muscles too? If you are regularly training and putting your body through its paces, at any level, then it is a key tool for maintaining your muscles  health and body’s performance.

Who am I?

I am a personal trainer with over 12 years of experience and love helping clients achieve their potential.


Pushing myself physically and mentally is a strong motivation for me when it comes to training. I love pushing myself past the pain barrier, because it's there that I find out the most interesting things about myself.


The things I discover outside my comfort zone will ultimately help me to learn and grow into the person and athlete I'd love to become. Beyond that, I enjoy doing things that make me happy.

My goal with all my clients is firstly to build a genuine rapport. Then, I aim to tailor programmes and lifestyle changes to achieve their individual goals, taking into consideration their responsibilities, personality and achievability.

My qualification is a Premier Diploma in Advanced Personal Training & Sports Massage Therapy with stress management and nutrition. I am a Newton Natural Running Coach, and I’m also qualified in an assortment of many other courses including lower back pain, kettle bells, and medicine ball training.

Who am I

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