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What should you expect from Personal Training?


Personal training is, to state the obvious, personal. This means that every session is dedicated to you, always with your goals in mind. I can be part-coach, part-mentor, part-friend, and even part-drill instructor at times.


One of the benefits of having a personal trainer is that you have someone by your side to teach you the correct form and adjust if needed. During our one-to-one sessions I will share as much as I can from a wealth of knowledge which ranges from exercises to improve your physique; to recipe ideas; to lifestyle changes that and help you adjust to reach your goal.


All personal trainers have a love of fitness. But for me, it is more than that; it is a passion, a commitment, something I am truly and absolutely dedicated to. I want to share this passion with others, to be a positive role model for everyone – from those just starting their fitness journey, to those who want to step up to the next level.


So, no matter what stage you’re at, let me guide you on the right path.


Someone to ask and guide you.


Keep you on target to smash your goals

Correct form

It is very easy to get the form wrong but I will be there to check.



Someone to talk you through food changes

Comfort Zone

Its very easy to just plod along in your comfort zone, but not with me.


To make you responsible for your journey.

What I want from you.

  • Honesty with food and exercise.

  • Turn up on time and ready to train.

  • Work hard to the best of your ability.

  • inspire others.

One to One per Session is £45 per hour.

One to One Per Session is £25 per half hour.

One to Two (clients) per Session is £65 per hour. 

One to three (clients) per Session is £90 per hour. 

How do I start training?

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